Saturday, April 7, 2012

More soaps!

Remember soap?

Well, I've found the seller and the damage as below..

2 bars of honey/oatmeal soaps and a royal stout soap. The stout one smells funky (not my taste) but the honey/oatmeal (lemongrass, eucalyptus and patchouli) just smells wonderfully awesome.

So then, after all my raving, my friend decided to get his own and boy did he get. Came home with these!! (6 bars total).

So, being the raver, I cannot lose. So out comes the phone, wallet and meeting.

And below is the damage..

There is 1 more bar but that bar now resides with Victoria. =D

So I wanted to know if this soap is really better. So I finally finished my 1st bar and out comes Terky's present. A bar of all vegetable, L'Occitane soap.

And on my RM4.99 soap dish that is made in Japan.

My conclusion is that the handmade soaps are way better. The L'Occitane lathers better but that's no biggie here in Malaysia. It also makes my hair feels way heavier and just not as nice overall.

The honey/oatmeal feels smoother and more moisturizing than the turmeric but both are great. Only issue I have with the honey/oatmeal is that U might find scraps of oats on yourself!

Well, that's it! Life is awesome. Can't wait to take my next bath!!

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